Ben Tarnoff

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Weaponised AI is coming. Are algorithmic forever wars our future? | Ben Tarnoff | Opinion

    Last month marked the 17th anniversary of 9/11. With it came a new milestone: we’ve been in Afghanistan for so long that someone born after the attacks is now old enough to go fight there. They can also serve in the six other places where we’re officially at war, not to mention...

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Can Silicon Valley workers rein in Big Tech from within? | Ben Tarnoff | Opinion

    An unprecedented wave of rank-and-file rebellion is sweeping Big Tech. At one company after another, employees are refusing to help the US government commit human rights abuses at home and abroad. At Google, workers organized to shut down Project Maven, a Pentagon project that uses machine learning to improve targeting for drone...

  • Big Data
    Big data for the people: it’s time to take it back from our tech overlords | Technology

    Google knows you’re pregnant. Spotify knows your favorite throwback jams. Is this convenient or creepy? It depends. One minute, you’re grateful for the personalized precision of Netflix’s recommendations. The next, you’re nauseated by the personalized precision of a Facebook ad. Big data has been around for awhile, but our discomfort with it...